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Restore Your Vehicle’s Beauty with Paintless Dent Removal in Birdham – If you have ever had minor damage to your vehicle that caused an indentation, the thought might have crossed your mind that it would be really easy to pull or push out if only you had the right tools. Little did you know, your thought process was probably somewhat correct. Paintless dent removal in Birdham is a technique that utilizes tools specifically designed to gently massage out dents and dings that effect the outer metal body panels, as long as they have not caused paint damage.

How do you know if your dent is repairable?

Birdham Specialist Dent and ding removalMost dents and creases are repairable, as long as the paint is still intact. However, there are some circumstances where even the best technicians cannot access the damage or repair it without causing damage to the paint.

Your vehicle is likely a good candidate for PDR if the dent is less than two inches deep in diameter, and the metal has not been significantly stretched.

The easiest and most effective dent fixes will be smaller than the size of a golf ball. While some larger dents can be fixed, there is no guarantee that you will not see small signs of dent repair. Once your dents have been fixed, there is no need to worry about them returning.

Our paintless dent removal experts in Birdham will not rest until they see your car’s beauty restored, so call us and let us get to work – your satisfaction is guaranteed.