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There is nothing more disheartening than finding a dent or ding on your new car. Regardless of how big or small the dent is, when you have a new car, even the smallest amount of body damage can drive you crazy. Since taking your car to an auto body shop for simple repairs can be overly expensive, Gosport paintless dent removal services are your best option. If you choose us as your service provider, you will soon see for yourself that PDR is safe, effective and surprisingly inexpensive.

Understanding paintless dent repair

Gosports Dent Removal manWhether you do your best to protect your car by always choosing the spots at the end of a parking lot or you desperately try to avoid parking next to other cars, at some point in time, you will likely find a ding in your door or wheel well caused by another car’s door.

This can be extremely aggravating to car owners that work hard to keep their vehicle looking nice. Fortunately, with the help of our paintless dent removal technicians, situations like these can be easily remedied.

PDR is a technique that uses special tools to remove dents, dings and creases caused by hail damage and other impacts. The repair work is performed without tampering with the vehicle’s paint, which greatly reduces the cost of the auto body repair.

The dents and dings are carefully massaged out with tools that work the metal from the opposite side of the dent. In most situations, they can be removed without cracking or chipping the paint, and little to no evidence that there was ever any damage is left.

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PDR benefits

There are many great advantages associated with paintless dent repair. Most customers find that the number one benefit is the low cost. Whether you decide to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket or you file a claim with your insurance company, our paintless dent repair services are a lot cheaper than the work you could have done in a traditional auto body shop. On average, paintless dent work can save you fifty percent or more.

Another great advantage is time. Since there is no need to repaint the car, paintless dent repair can typically be performed in an hour or less. This is great, because auto body shops can take several days to repair even the smallest amount of damage.

How safe is paintless dent removal?

Paintless dent repair services are completely safe when performed by a skilled and experienced technician. Most modern paint jobs are capable of withstanding the manipulation required for paintless dent repair, as long as the paint was not disturbed during the impact. In most situations, you would never know there was once any damage, which is perfect for resale.

Customer service

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled. We take pride in providing our customers with excellent service. Just contact us and ask any questions you may have. Our staff will explain everything you want to know and, if you agree, they will begin to work on your car. In less than one hour, you will see for yourself why we are reputed as the most reliable PDR provider in Gosport.