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Paintless dent repair has globally conquered the automotive industry with its latest technology in dent removal. In the past few decades, in Portsmouth, paintless dent removal, otherwise known as PDR, has quickly grown in popularity among those needing the removal of car dents, dings, and other cosmetic repairs that do not require repainting.

Portsmouth Dent repair and RemovalThis procedure involves massaging out minor body damage to an automobile. It is mainly used for the repair and removal of minor dents and dings located on the body and door panels of cars manufactured after 1990.

This can include damage caused by hailstorms, indentations found on cars with plastic bumpers and minor creases that are positioned on areas of the car that can be accessed from behind.

Paintless dent removal origins

Modern day technique for paintless dent repair is stated to date back as far as the 50’s and 60’s, however there are many discrepancies in the timeline of its true origin. While there are many different theories that have been circulated about its origination, the tools used today are definitely designed to suit cars with a monocoque shell. It is hard to imagine paintless dent repair working efficiently on the thick steel sheets that were once used to make automobiles.

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Is paintless dent repair the right choice for you?

Paintless dent repair is a fairly diverse method of dent removal. It can be used to fix surface damage caused to the body of most aluminum and steel paneled cars that have not suffered paint damage.

While most modern day paint jobs allow for the effective use of PDR, the success of procedure greatly depends on the flexibility of the automobile’s paint, as well as on the degree to which the impact has caused the vehicle’s metal to stretch out of place. This will generally depend on how thick the car’s metal panels are, and on the amount of force involved in the impact.

In most cases, shallower dents have a higher chance of being successfully repaired. However, paintless dent repair has been known to be effective with dents that measure up to two and three inches in diameter, on cars that have not suffered from severe paint and metal stretching.

How is paintless dent repair performed?

Paintless dent repair is performed using specialized tools that include metal rods and auto body picks to massage out dings and dents that are accessed from the opposite side of the car’s metal panels.

In some cases, technicians will use glue and tabs that are specifically designed to pull dents out of the body panels from the outside. Paintless dent repair technicians also use fluorescent and LED lights to help them carefully locate and visualize the dents point of origin and height. The lights are also used to help them find the tool’s tip, once it has been placed underneath the car’s panel.

Successful paintless dent removal requires the skills of an experienced technician, and the best technicians in Portsmouth work for us. We offer you the best PDR services in Portsmouth, so that you no longer have to worry about your paint cracking or chipping, about anything shadowing your car’s beauty.